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Institut Sabadell

Posted: 25 febrer 2011 by is4eso in English

We are now working on describing places in our English lessons.

Here’s a good example by Sara Montes (1st Batx).

Institut Sabadell is a Secondary school. It is placed in Juvenal Street, in Sabadell. It is in front of Benjamin’s square. Institut Sabadell is a very big educational center; it has a lot of classrooms and a large spacious courtyard.

In my opinion, one of the best aspects of it is that there are a lot of computer rooms and projectors too, but sometimes these rooms aren’t enough for all the students. Another point is the material. There are dictionaries, books, homework of students on the wall, option to connect to Internet, pens and sheets too.

Institut Sabadell has an enormous courtyard, as I said. It includes a football and a basket court, the students in the free time enjoy it and they do a lot of sport. Furthermore, it has a library and you can find many good books there. It is very positive because we don’t spend money buying the books that the teachers ask us to read. In the library you can find computers too. A good point also, is that the center is very close to a medical center and this is very helpful if a student is ill, because the student can go there quickly.

In spite of this there are some aspects about Institut Sabadell that I don’t like. It’s a big place but there are a lot of classes that are in disuse, and I believe that we could use them to carry out activities such as: workshops, ceramics or create our own movies.

Another point is the material of physical education. It is small and old, and this fact influences the classes. Besides, the classes are small and the tables and chairs very old, too.

To sum up, Institut Sabadell is a good center, I like it. It’s a good place to study and meet new friends, although it could improve as well.


Més fotos de la sortida…

Posted: 23 febrer 2011 by is4eso in Alumnat, Tutoria

Continuen arribant fotos genials! Ja sabeu on trobar-les…


Ha començat una nova edició del concurs sobre seguretat viària lider a la xarxa.

Coorganitzat per la revista Secundèria, el RACC i el Servei Català de Trànsit vol ser un espai de reflexió per compartir reflexions al voltant de la seguretat i la conducció.

Es pot participar des d’ara fins el final del concurs. Tota la info a:

Els participants poden guanyar molts premis, des d’ordinadors portàtils fins a un viatge per a tota la classe.

+ Info: www.jovesiconduccio.cattlf. 934516170 email:

Creació literària
“Ficcions, l’aventura de crear històries”
El concurs de relats lider a la xarxa, en 5 edicions ja compta amb més de 6000 participants. Milers de premis pels joves escriptors.

+ Info:

Deià, l’aventura d’imaginar espais
El concurs de disseny enceta la segona edició. Ideal per als joves dissenyadors i artistes.

+Info: tlf.: 934516170email:


El món va molt més enllà de nosaltres mateixos… (The world goes far beyond ourselves…)