4E Students are carrying out a project in English to improve the equipment in the playground.

This is our work schedule:

Session 1. Students’ participation. Proposal of project work in English.

Session 2. Visit to the playground. What could we do? We decide we’ll start by painting the tables and benches.

Session 3. Vocabulary needed. We write down and translate the list of words we need.

Pintura = paint

Banc = bench

Taula = table

Paperera = litter bin

Pati d’escola = playground

Hort = plot

Escala = stairs

Pista = basketball court

Cinta metrica= tape measure

Lija = lime

Broca = Brush

Barnis = barnish

Petanca = boule track

Presupost = budget

Session 4. Planning the painting. We measure the tables and draw a map of the playground.

Session 5. We use the solvent and the lime to clean the tables. This is the English language we find in the solvent container instructions:

Solvent : recommended for the solution of varnish, printed material, lacquer, putty and any kind of prints specially NITROCELULOSICS.


* Lock safely and keep away from children.
* Not to take in
* Easy inflammable.
* Harmful by inhalatio and ir contact with skin.
* Irratates skin.
* Keep in a well ventilated place.
* keep away from fired. Do not smoke
* Do not inhaled gas, smoke, stream, sprays.
* Avoid all contract with eyes.
* Don’t throw away the residuum by the waste pipe.
* Don’t accumulated electrostatic charges.
* In case of accident or indispotision immedialety see a doctor.( show him if is possible the label) or call the TOXICOLOGY INFORMATION SERVICE( I.N.T. ) tel (91)5620420 .

  1. is4esoalumnat ha dit:

    si si pintar genial….¡¡¡

  2. is4esoalumnat ha dit:

    Pintar, lijar, barnizar, aixo farem

  3. is4esoalumnat ha dit:


  4. is4esoalumnat ha dit:

    pintarem les taules de colors i alo millor fem una petanca !

  5. is4esoalumnat ha dit:

    I’m glad we have found out a way of working and learning English together in a different and creative way. Beatriu

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